North Kensington
uNderstANdiNg tHe
lOcAl prOperty mArKet is
sOmetHiNg We dO better
tHAN ANyONe else
Superior knowledge is a key factor in achieving the best rental return.
Our cutting edge is based on the expertise and local knowledge of our team
Notting Dale
combined with YOUhome's skill in applying technology in new ways to the
property market.
This distinctive approach stems from the deep technology and property
expertise of YOUhome's managing directors; Adrian Black spent 10 years
leading technology development at Goldman Sachs and Jeremy Priestley
FRICS FARLA is a former MD of Hamptons International.
Our proprietary research also works as a marketing tool for our
clients, attracting a wide audience, including property owners,
tenants and industry commentators.
Property Market Insights
Using our own custom-built technology, we
collect property market data from a wide range
of sources and use it to drive new insights into
the local property market.
As a result, we can better judge demand
and supply for property in an area, track
local valuation trends and pinpoint the right
comparable transactions which are so critical
to achieving the best yield for you.
We also share this information with clients
through tailored property reports and our intuitive
YOUeye website too (