Commissions and Fees
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commIssIons anD fees...
High estate agency commissions and fees are something that many people
rightly complain about. But nothing ever seems to change. Until now.
Here are three reasons why our commissions and fees are lower:
1. We've put a lot of time and experience into building an estate agency
where technology is doing more. As a result, our business is more
streamlined and we can pass on efficiencies through lower
commissions and fees.

justified given the transformational power of the internet: people now
have more control and can research properties and historic prices online,
without relying on agents to do it for them. Portals have also lowered the
cost for estate agents to market properties and reach a wider audience.
3. Agency commission rates have remained the same despite the dramatic
increase in property prices over the last 10 years. As a result, the
commissions paid for each property sold have more than doubled.
We believe lower commissions and fees are a better
reflection of where pricing should be in a competitive,
properly functioning real estate market.