personal anD oUtstanDInG
clIent servIce
At YOUhome, you'll be advised and supported by hard-working,
experienced property professionals who are regulated by
They know Notting Hill and its surrounding area like the back of their
hands, as well as having our proprietary property research tools at
their disposal.
Because the staff of each YOUhome branch are empowered at the
local level, they're free to provide a very you-centric service. This means
service and marketing initiatives that are tailored specifically to your
property and to the characteristics of your local area.
Add to this the fact that our Notting Hill staff work as a team, not as
individuals, and you can be reassured that we will all be working in
your best interests, every step of the way.
We know that the reputation of
estate agents is not what it could
be. So, it's very important to us
that, as well as being pleasant to
deal with, our staff demonstrate
knowledge, responsiveness and
values you can trust.