Why I am the best person to sell your home

I joined YOUhome Property Gurus with over a decade of experience in the property industry, including the last few years working for a well-regarded, local, Surbiton estate agent. My aim has always been to provide a level of service that exceeds the usual standards and expectations, which has been reflected in my many online client testimonials. YOUhome allows me to take that service level even further.

Combining my detailed local knowledge of the area, with the complete transparency of having the information I am working with (available to you anytime, anywhere, via our online portal platformYOU), clients experience a completely open and upfront business relationship at every step of the way.

When it comes to selling, from the beginning of the process to the end, I will be your single point of contact at YOUhome and am personally responsible for selling your property.

With access to the most detailed and up to date information on both your property and the local market as a whole, platformYOU provides clients with complete transparency at all times. platformYOU is completely free to use, so do try it out.

As well as achieving success in the local sales market, I have also taken the time to build a reputation in the area as being keen to help with all kinds of property advice. So, whether it's information on the latest market conditions, or for details of what YOUhome can do for you, please do get in touch.

I will be your single point of contact and you can hold me personally accountable for selling your home