Why I am the best person to sell your home

In this ever changing market PlatformYOU will keep you abreast and up to speed as to how our local property the market is changing and evolving. At your fingertips, on your smart phone, tablet or computer, the information is there immediately to review, it will keep you informed about, price movement, new instructions and sales, it’s a smart and clever bit of kit, use it, don’t be left behind and be in the know but that is only the beginning part of the process.

YOUhome aims to achieve the best possible price for your property and deliver good old fashioned client service. I am old fashioned through and through, attention to detail, a promise is a promise, trustworthiness, strong negotiation skills and care throughout the process, but I have also embraced the modern way of working and doing business. My attitude and strong work ethic combined with the research and information that I have about our local property market will ensure that I will get the best result for you at all times.

I have primarily worked in the property world throughout the majority of my working life starting in Kensington 30 years ago for Marsh and Parsons, moving into the world of Investment Banking herewith relocating staff, of recent years working for independent relocation agents and then local independent estate agents. YOUhome Property Gurus gives me with the resources to provide the best possible service to you. I will be your trusted advisor.

I will be your single point of contact and you can hold me personally accountable for selling your home

Recently sold properties

See the videos below for my insight on some properties recently sold in the area.