Historical Sales in Holland Park

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  • 98 matching transactions within the last 12 months
Street Postcode Sale Date Price £/sqft
174, Basement, Holland Park Avenue
Flat, Leasehold
W11 4UH 11/02/2020 £500,000
36, Second Floor Flat, St James's Gardens
Flat, Leasehold
W11 4RF 07/02/2020
  • 07/02/2020 £605,000 4.9% pa
    17/08/2001 £250,000 12.96% pa
    19/06/1998 £170,000
18, Park Close
Flat, Leasehold
W14 8ND 06/02/2020 £1,510,000
14, St Anns Road
Terraced, Freehold
W11 4SR 04/02/2020
  • 04/02/2020 £1,800,000 -7.99% pa
    26/02/2016 £2,500,000 10.9% pa
    18/09/2006 £940,511 10.66% pa
    04/07/1997 £370,000 84.11% pa
    25/03/1997 £312,500
45, Clarendon Road
Semi-Detached, Freehold
W11 4JD 31/01/2020
  • 31/01/2020 £7,375,000 1.07% pa
    03/07/2014 £6,950,000 5.25% pa
    31/10/2008 £5,200,000
Troy Court, 9, Kensington High Street
Flat, Leasehold
W8 7RA 31/01/2020 £600,000
Troy Court, 76, Kensington High Street
Flat, Leasehold
W8 7RA 31/01/2020 £1,375,000
57, Addison Avenue
Semi-Detached, Freehold
W11 4QU 31/01/2020 £4,275,000
41, Portland Road
Flat, Leasehold
W11 4LH 24/01/2020
  • 24/01/2020 £540,000 4.52% pa
    15/03/2002 £245,000
41, Woodsford Square
Terraced, Freehold
W14 8DP 21/01/2020
  • 21/01/2020 £2,600,000 17.08% pa
    29/01/2002 £152,500 -16.46% pa
    11/03/1996 £440,000
29, Woodsford Square
Terraced, Freehold
W14 8DP 20/01/2020 £2,675,000
12, Park Close
Flat, Leasehold
W14 8ND 17/01/2020
  • 17/01/2020 £1,110,000 45.54% pa
    12/12/2016 £347,000

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