How we sell.

Local, experienced Property Gurus with insight, analysis and data to sell your home to the right buyer, on your timeframe.

Your own property guru

Experience and client dedication are key to getting deals done in Prime Central London.

All YOUhome Property Gurus have over 10 years of experience and have sold hundreds of properties in their specialist areas.

All are trained as market analysts, leveraging PlatformYOU to understand how your home is positioned amongst current property market conditions, ensuring you get the best buyers to pay the best price.

You feel at home while we sell your home.


Bespoke professional appraisal & sale plan

You will receive an in-depth bespoke appraisal covering your local property market's recent trends, teamed with our expert commentary and knowledge.

We will give you the most relevant insight into your property, so you're best placed to make the decision to sell.

When you instruct us, we will create a tailored marketing & sales plan so you know what to expect during your property sale, and how we'll find your home's next owner.


We Can Advertise Your Property in the Best Magazines

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Country and Town House Magazine
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Abode2 Magazine
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We Will Present Your Property in the Best Way Possible

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Best in the business communication

Your Guru will be in constant contact, updating you on marketing, viewings, buyer feedback and other properties competing for your ultimate buyers.

Once the sale is agreed they will manage and communicate all aspects of progressing the sale to a successful conclusion.

In addition, you will be able to follow the latest updates online 24/7 with complimentary access to our unique technology, PlatformYOU. Follow what we see and hear daily in the property market relevant to your sale.


First class service

We present properties impeccably and we advertise using all available channels and some additional savvy ones that we have learnt through our years of local experience.

We don't have the overheads of traditional agents.

We don't have high street retail offices or branded cars.

This means we can charge fairer fees, our Gurus can earn more and work more flexibly to suit clients' needs than if they worked for typical high street agents.

Just expert advice and a communicative, proactive approach leading to a very smooth, comfortable and successful sales experience.