Working with YOUhome.


As agents I think we can all agree that we want to deliver the best client experience and results possible. We want continuously to develop and improve ourselves and earn as much as possible for the value we add. We also want to work in a collegiate, energetic, supportive and engaging environment where we can reach and extend our personal goals and importantly we want to be part of something special and great.

At YOUhome Property Gurus we make 3 promises:

  • We will amplify and develop your skills and abilities
  • You will earn what you deserve, without limit
  • Our systems, operations and support lead the market and we will continue to innovate, to be agile and creative to maintain and increase this lead.

Together we will build an authentic world class brand.

We believe in the delivery of exceptional personal advice and service and we want our team to each feel accountable for their individual property sales fully supported by colleagues who can provide insight and help. We don’t believe in expensive and controlling and sometimes self-serving management hierarchies. We believe in lean, supporting efforts with the sole purpose of helping each team member to be the best they can be.

We offer employed and self-employed roles. All our partners benefit fully from our platform and team camaraderie. We have no legacy overheads and we leverage the digital world to its fullest useful and relevant extent.

The result is that we support increased productivity and our partners can earn very high commissions.

We are client experience, relationship and results driven. We understand the fusion of brand, people and technology better than any other estate agency business and we led the creation and lead the development of the platform approach in this sector. We embrace diversity. We offer remarkable opportunity.

Our current team have sold collectively over 5,000 London homes worth in excess of £5 billion.

We are looking for proactive people who put clients first, establish trust and who can feel and see the right combination of emotional and numerical balance needed to secure each individual deal. We are looking for thoughtful, persistent and energetic people prospectors who can apply and work with us continuously to improve our tried and tested methods. We are looking for good listeners, great constructive communicators and problem solvers. We are looking for people with the integrity, intelligence, persistence and knowhow to co-ordinate all parties involved in a transaction through to completion. We are looking for people who want to be the best Property People that they can be and we are dedicated to supporting that journey.

Our offering will not be for everyone, and not everyone will succeed, but for those that do succeed it will rocket boost job satisfaction, quality of life, personal development, wellbeing and earnings.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact either Adrian or Laurence details below.

Adrian Black, Managing Director and Founder

Adrian Black

Managing Director and Founder

07769 655012

Laurence Lai, London Sales Director

Laurence Lai

London Sales Director