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by Amy Collins, Wednesday 25 March 2015

Lighting is one of the most overlooked elements of fantastic interior design, yet it is one of the most important. At YOUhome Notting Hill estate agents, we are firm believers that lighting, whilst vital, has so many other important facets to consider. Lighting can be contemporary, it can also be unique, allowing you to add your personality to your home. Lighting can also create and set the mood or ambience of a room. When all these elements come together and the right lighting is achieved, your room is transformed to a perfect blend of functionality and style.

The following are our top lighting choices to help you set the perfect mood in your home. 

Fairy lights are not just for Christmas! Use battery powered decorations in glass lanterns or mason jars to create contemporary lamps with a softer feel. These would look great placed on counter tops or mantlepieces. Table centre pieces could be enhanced with elegant lights like these, too.

Lanterns - YOUhome Estate Agents Notting Hill

Large, hanging lampshades look simple and sophisticated and create controlled light for particular areas. In this example, the lampshades are carefully placed over kitchen surfaces but they also work well in the centre of rooms or above tables for direct light. It’s key to match your shades to the colour scheme of your room as they have more than one function. As well as acting as direct light, they also act as a source of ambient lighting for the rest of the room when switched on.  

Hanging lamps - YOUhome Estate Agents Notting Hill

In this example the lights highlight the architectural shape of the room as well as create ambient lighting for the room itself  – embedded lighting often highlights a rooms design – so if you have a unique room, embedded lighting may further enhance the rooms ambience.

Embedded lighting - YOUhome Estate Agents Notting Hill 

Natural light has the ability to be more attractive than artificial light and in this case, that point is proven. We love this stained glass door that lets the natural sunlight do its work, creating beautiful reflections in your rooms. Natural light also highlights fabrics and furniture as well as lowering your energy bill! It has natural health benefits for both your skin and immune system too.

Natural light - YOUhome Estate Agents Notting Hill

Individual spotlights are great for creating controlled and focussed lighting, giving more direct illumination & emphasis on a particular area. These work great above picture walls or artwork and also make good central lighting for kitchens and bathrooms.

Spotlights - YOUhome Estate Agents Notting Hill

Vintage film and photography lights have become a favourite in recent years. Not only do they add bright light and illumination fit for a Hollywood movie star, but they’re also a great decorative feature in a room.

Vintage photography - YOUhome Estate Agents Notting Hill

If your home is of a more rustic, artistic design, this wooden ladder lighting design is perfect ingredient to enhance your homes character. It allows you to be a bit more creative with the lighting in your home and add your own touch. In this example, branches have been added to further illustrate the features artistic nature and we feel it works very well.

Ladder - YOUhome Estate Agents Notting Hill

Our favourite from all of the lighting examples is this wood carved world map with added spotlights. Here at YOUhome, we love to travel and explore new places and this lighting design depicts our love for the world and the adventures it holds. If exploration is not your thing, then you could have the wood cut into letters or shapes to add your own touch to the design. Similar to the vintage photography lights, these are also decorative art pieces as well as lighting and help to create the perfect feature wall.

Map - YOUhome Estate Agents Notting Hill


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