Top tips for preparing for a viewing and securing a sale

by Amy Collins, Wednesday 01 April 2015

Make a good first impression

First impressions are key and people often make decisions quickly so it’s good to be prepared for a first impression to influence a buyers decision about your home. Ensure that the exterior and entrance of your home is tidy and clutter free and if you have a front garden area, it’s imperative that it’s well kempt.  

Keep things clean and tidy

Buyers often judge how they feel about the size of a room by how much floor and counter top space they can see. If the area is tidy, buyers will imagine their items in the room and visualise how they would fit into the area. It’s not imperative for your property to look like a show home, you want the space to look ‘lived in’ to allow potential buyers to feel comfortable and welcome.

Tidy living room - YOUhome Notting Hill Estate Agents

Declutter the space

To declutter the area doesn’t necessarily mean removing all of your personal items, but you should alter the look the of room if it’s full of items that the new owner may not have. Photographs and decorative items like candles and ornaments are fine, but childrens’ toys, books and paperwork could be put away until after the viewing. 

Take care of the kitchen

The kitchen is a huge selling point of a property which is why it’s so important to ensure it’s in good condition in time for a viewing. It might sound a little obvious, but dispose of old food and empty bins to minimise unwanted smells and clear work tops to create a very open feel for the buyer. If something is broken, fix it! 

Kitchen - YOUhome Notting Hill Estate Agents

Control the temperature

Temperature control is so important and contributes to a buyer’s decision much more than you would think. Your main goal is for the potential purchaser to feel comfortable in your property so this is key. If it’s winter time, ensure you turn on the heating a while before anyone is arriving. And in the summer, open windows to allow both clean air and natural light to flow through your home.

Lighting is key

Natural lighting is beautiful and if you can, allow as much into your home as possible; open curtains, blinds and windows to let it fill your property. If you’re intending to exposure your windows, ensure that they are well cleaned; hiring a window cleaner for this will make the job a lot easier for you! If it’s a darker, dull day, central ceiling lights will illuminate the whole room and spotlights or lamps can be used to direct light to particular areas you’d like to highlight. 

Lighting is key - YOUhome Notting Hill Estate Agents


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