Classic inspired interior design

by Amy Collins, Wednesday 22 April 2015

This week at YOUhome estate agents in Notting Hill, in honour of William Shakespare’s birthday, we have been reviewing classic, British style interior design. Traditional, literary inspired décor is an attractive addition to the home. Whether you are encouraged to completely renovate your home or keen to update your accessories, we hope that you will be as inspired by William Shakespeare as we are!

Classic seating area

All of the décor in this room is British inspired, even down to the pet dog! The traditional single chesterfield sofa and vintage mirror frame create a classic theme for the room while the neutral colours build the perfect base for a relaxing reading space.

Theatre inspired living room

The design of this building goes hand in hand with theatre-inspired interior design. The balcony, the large, built in fireplace and the iron railings on the staircase paired with the additional artwork and accessories fills the room with a classic atmosphere.

Cosy, vintage dining room

This classic, wooden dining table adds to the already classic theme of this stately dining room. The vintage crockery and aged chandelier takes you back to the past and allows you to live a Shakespearian scene while you feast on an Elizabethan style banquet.

Classic, country kitchen

This country style kitchen represents the traditional décor of a British home. While this example is a modern take on an original style kitchen, the large basin and wooden cupboard doors and fixtures creates the traditional theme which would have been seen in Elizabethan homes.

Vintage library

These ceiling to floor length bookcases and sliding ladder are typical of traditional British interior design, especially in a stately home or public library during the Elizabethan era. The high ceilings are accentuated by the tall bookshelves and doorways and the vintage style lamps and pillars help to create the Shakespearian style of the room.

All imagery has been sourced Pinterest. As such, we issue credit to those whose images have been used. To keep up to date with our interior design and local lifestyle board, follow us on Pinterest here:


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