YOUhome's favourite kitchen gadgets

by Amy Collins, Wednesday 13 May 2015

Here at YOUhome estate agents based in Notting Hill, we are passionate about the latest gadgets and technology, especially in the kitchen as they save time during food preparation or add a spark of life into mundane tasks. This list combines our love of traditional cooking and absorbing design with our enduring pursuit for the latest, innovative gadgets. Make your cooking experience more enjoyable using the gadgets below:  

Kenwood Chef Sense Stand Mixer

£449.95 – additional attachments extra

65 years of food preparation expertise have gone into the design of Kenwood’s very latest chef, the Sense. This is the perfect entry level home mixer complete with a whisk and dough hook. The Kenwood brand is trusted and versatile and comes with the option of additional attachments including a slicer/grater, a food processor and a food grinder. The bowl shape is excellent and it is easy to handle making it ideal for both professional and amateur cooks and bakers.

Mellow – Home sous-vide

Pre-order - $399.00

The Mellow is the brand new gadget which allows you to cook sous-vide dishes at home in your own kitchen. Although the sous vide method of cooking has been used by great chefs for decades, it is becoming the latest cooking trend, in particular for meat and fish as it guarantees consistent results every time. You can pre-order the home robot for $399. The device is controlled by a smartphone and you can specify cooking times and speeds by the click of a button (or touchscreen!).

Tefal Actifry


The Actifry is a revolutionary new household fryer using minimal cooking oil to help you create delicious and healthier meals at home. Offering a healthier way to fry food, as it uses a modest amount of oil, the Actifry can be used to cook stir-fried vegetables, meat, fish, homemade chips and more. The versatile fryer is perfect for families as it requires no pre-heating and can be left to cook similar to a slow cooker. A small selection of recipes are provided online to give you some cooking ideas.

C’rush Cocktail Ice Crusher


With the summer months approaching the UK, it’s a good time to start preparing your kitchen for potential barbeques and dinner parties that the sunshine tends to attract. Although this looks like your regular ice cube tray, it’s a lot more complex than you would think. The thinner moulds allow the water to freeze in approximately one hour and the malleable, soft case can be twisted to create crushed ice.

Magimix Vision Toaster


Our favourite gadget on the list is the Magimix Vision toaster which allows you see when your toast is cooked to your liking. The stylish transparent design compliments every style of kitchen and is part of a complete range of kitchen gadgets that you can incorporate into your room. As well as the advantage of being able to judge when your toast is ready to your taste, the Magimix also benefits from an extra-large toasting slot for the likes of bagels and breakfast muffins.



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