Practical storage tips for your home

by Amy Collins, Thursday 11 June 2015

Here at YOUhome, we are always searching for unique ways to style properties. We often take inspiration from Pinterest for Interior Design ideas and we have recently been reviewing  stylish yet functional storage ideas.

Ample storage space is ideal in a home, big or small. Whether for storing groceries in the kitchen, clothing in the bedroom or beauty products in the bathroom, you can always optimise your storage space in a creative way.

Large bookcases

Large bookcases are great for storage, and they do not have to be limited to only holding books and magazines. Generally, this kind of shelving has a narrow depth so will not occupy much floor space in a room. When separated into cubes, this bookcase is great for storing all kinds of items and the individual pigeon holes can be filled with boxes, files and photos.

­Glass jars

These glass jars are great for storage in every room in the home. In this case, the jars have been used to create a wall feature and are acting as unique storage for food cupboard items such as pasta, rice and lentils. Smaller jars can be used in the bathroom for cotton pads or bobby pins. This is also a great way to make use of glass jars that you have recycled.

Roller drawers in kitchen cupboards

To enhance space in a large kitchen cupboard, you could install rolling drawers. By doing this you create an illusion of a cupboard behind a closed door, but you end up with much more surface areas to hold your pantry items. By making the shelves different heights it will allow you to store a wider range of products.

Additional grid separation in ottomans/drawers

As standard, large ottomans are a great storage option and often double up as a feature of a room. Here, the space inside the box has been divided into individual boxes with a grid making for a much more organised space. This helpful technique can also be applied to drawers.

Under bed storage

This bed is our favourite use of optimising storage space. Under the bed is a great place to store items that you use less frequently such as suitcases or extra bed linen. This convenient box bed creates so much hidden space for extra storage and allows the rest of the room to appear well organised and clutter free. If you are careful, the top of the bed can be lifted while the bed is made keeping the room looking very tidy.


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