Spectacular wall and floor tile ideas

by Lucy Bryant, Tuesday 22 September 2015

If you’re looking for a simple way to add colour and personality to your living space then introducing tiles could be the answer! Whether your home is traditional, modern or eclectic, tiling is the perfect way to allow your home to ooze character. 

As can be seen below, adding stone tiles to your kitchen can create a clean, stylish and practical backdrop which is both interesting and not overly flamboyant. The soft grey of the slate-style tiling here evokes a soft and natural yet purposeful tone demonstrating how tiling can add volumes of personality to a space. Perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms, these stone inspired tiles can be found across all major tile retailers. The tiles shown below are from Marazziltile can be found using the link below: 



If you’re looking to inject colour and pizazz into your home then dare to become involved and select a miss-match of tiles to create a completely unique patchwork of colour! As can be seen in the beautiful eastern patchwork below, by mixing different patterns a kitchen can become a fun playground for colour, allowing you to be adventurous and unafraid of coloured appliances and accessories!  The tiles below are from tonesoftiles.co.uk and come in a range of patterns and sizes. To view these tiles and many more simply visit: 


Adding colour through tiling is not something that is exclusive to kitchens; tiling in bathrooms has always been practical however, the scope stamp your personality into a room through tiles is something that (we think) should be explored!  For example, the stunning floor tiles shown below are both perfectly practical and suitably exciting, adding character and excitement to a room which often has the propensity to be awash with neutral tones and safe accessories. These Victorian inspired floor tiles can be purchased from Fired earth: 



Using tiles of varying shapes and sizes to form a pattern can be a great way to add a modern, geometric tone to room. As seen below, this works particularly well with glass tiles and could be used to cover a whole wall as a feature or, more subtly, a characterful splashback. The tiles featured here are by fired earth and can be purchased using the link below: 


Another great way to use tiles to brighten your living space is by using tiling in your hallways. By pairing Victorian floor tiles with neutral walls, as seen below, the front door landing area can be transformed into a characterful yet tasteful area which exudes personal taste. 

However, the tiles that you use in your home needn’t be drastic. Indeed, a simple few rows of tiling above a sink as a splashback can provide an injection of colour as well as functionality. Fireplaces can be reframed by placing tiles of your choice in front to draw the eye, creating a clear and exciting focal point. The versatility of tiling makes it the perfect way to put a personal stamp on your home that is also practical and fun! 



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