Hallway ideas

by Lucy Bryant, Thursday 08 October 2015

At YOUhome we believe that every part of your home should ooze character and serve a purpose. Often, the hallway is ignored and is simply dressed with coat hooks but hopefully this article will inspire original corridors! The hallway represents an opportunity to create a first impression at it is the very first thing guests will see when they step into your home so it’s really important to put a personal stamp on the space and create the perfect welcome for visitors. 

From nifty storage solutions to eye-catching light fixtures the hallway is a great place to add a splash of personality that extend far beyond a welcome mat! Your hallway can be a fantastic spot for storage; by creatively placing shelving and hooks on the wall (as seen below) you can place personal nick knack’s in the cubby-hole style shelving and place important keys on dainty hooks. This stylish storage solution is both practical and decorative which is exactly what we think a hallway should be! 

Wallpaper can also be a great way to liven up your entrance hall. With so many patterns, textures and tones to choose from, wallpaper allows you to literally paste your personality across the walls. As can be seen below, even a subtle print can inject your personal taste into a space and create a unique and welcoming area for everyone to enjoy.  

Another way to really personalise your hallway is through pictures. By simply hanging an array of frames and images along the walls you add both character and a story to the space. The frames themselves can make a statement and using a range of sizes and designs will draw the eye along the corridor and evoke interest! 

If your hallway is also the home of the staircase then this can be a great opportunity to incorporate your individual style to the space. From fun and distinctive patterned stairs (seen below) to under-stair book shelves, by utilising the space effectively your personality can really shine through. 


A really simple hallway solution is a hallway runner. This smart hallway solution not only brightens up the space but also serves a practical purpose, keeping scratches and marks off this highly trodden area and also allows you to keep your walls neutral and fresh. 

Finally, the most important thing to remember when deciding on how to decorate your hallway is that this space deserves attention and personality. The hallway shouldn’t serve as the top dumping ground for coats, bags and shoes but rather, your guest’s first impression of your beautiful home. 


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