Dinner Party Accessories

by Lucy Bryant, Monday 01 February 2016

Now that dry January is over there really is no excuse not to rally your friends and spend the evening chatting over canapes, wine and great home cooked food. Often, the main drawback for many home chefs is the stress of hosting. However, we think that with the addition of a few simple accessories your home should be doing (at least) half of the work for you. By following a few of our simple tips this could be the perfect month for relaxing with friends at home! 

The best thing that you can do before having any guests over is to do as much preparation as possible. We recommend making a list of all of the drinks you home to serve in the evening and ensuring that as well as the ‘raw ingredients’ you also ensure that you have the correct number of glasses and that your ice trays are filled, frozen and ready to go! Being fully prepared can also add a fresh and beautiful touch to your dinner table. Also by adding fresh fruit to your table water, not only do you create a refreshing drink but you are also able to add a feature point to your table. The carafe below from Habitat is perfect for filling with fresh lemon or cucumber slices and popping in the fridge before your guests arrive. To view thier full glassware collection simply click on the link below:


Another great way to be prepared for your dinner party is to have everything set out. This may sound obvious, however, it really does make the difference when the heat in the kitchen rises! By putting all cutlery out before your guests arrive this saves you having to relay between courses. In addition, having your serving spoons on standby will save you from frantically shaking the cutlery draw as the vegetables sit unserved on the table! Cutlery can also be a great way to add some colour to your dinner table. For a light-hearted dinner party with family or friends we love this fun spotty cutlery set from Emma Bridgewater, especially when paired with fun patterned napkins. To view the full range of cutlery as well as fun paper and fabric click on the link below:



When deciding what you need to prepare before your guests arrive it is important to consider the size of your oven and hob; will the size of either of these inhibit your cooking later in the evening and if so, what could you prepare in advance? By writing a list of what needs to be prepared and when you can enjoy spending time with your guests rather than being chained to the hob! 

Show your home in the best light by keeping lighting subtle and ensuring that clutter is cleared well before guests arrive. Putting fresh hand towels in bathrooms as well as lighting the odd scented candle, you home will feel welcoming and clean so you can relax in the knowledge that your home is a great reflection of the host (even if you are secretly flustered). We really love these tea light holders from John Lewis, the gold interiors reflect light beautifully and the textured exteriors draw the eye with their subtle patterns. To view them online visit the link below:



Ultimately, our top tip for hosting a great dinner party is to relax and remember that the whole point of a dinner party is to have fun and enjoy the company of friends! 

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