Bright Bedrooms

by Lucy Bryant, Thursday 14 April 2016

Forget about grey days and April showers, spring is the perfect time to inject colour into your home. Bedrooms can often fall into the category of demure yet bland; by adding a splash of colour your bedroom can become a vibrant and stylish space without losing the calm and relaxing tone of the room. Rather than introducing a bold paint or wallpaper to the space we recommend bringing in patterned textiles, coloured fixtures and quirky furniture. 

Bring colour into your bedroom in the most practical of ways with Habitat’s saffron yellow upholstered storage bench. Not only is the colour eye-catching but the practical storage element of this piece means that it can sit at the end of your bed providing a perfect home for extra linens! If yellow is slightly too bright for you this storage bench also comes in grey and charcoal. To view them online use the link below: 

To give your bed a fun lift we love Urban Outfitters pompom throws in fuchsia and orange introduce a lively splash of colour that isn’t too stern. Handwoven in Marrakesh these one of a kind throws provide a hint of eastern escapism as well as the fun addition of pompoms! 

A more subtle way to introduce a hint of colour into your bedroom is through patterned scatter cushions. Anthropologie have a great selection of pretty patterns and textured cushions which can be used on their own or thrown together in an ad-hock mix-and-match way creating a relaxed and eye-catching feature. To view Anthopologie’s soft furnishing range simply use the link below: 

Another great way to add colour to your bedroom is through the bed itself; having a bed with a colourful frame is a fantastic way to make your bed the focal point of your room. We particularly love Loaf’s Beatnik metal bed with its subtle grey/blue dusted cannonball finish is the perfect to subtly make colour the central feature of the room. View online using the link below:  

For a pop of colour on your bedside table add a colourful lamp. This could be in the form of a colourful shade, stand or (our favourite) both! We particularly love this blown glass aquamarine lamp from Graham and Green. This sea green honeycomb lamp’s rich colours would bring texture, colour and depth to any space. To view online use the link below: 

Colour is a fantastic way to bring vibrancy to your home; by using a variety of subtle colourful items your bedroom will not only be a sanctuary but a true reflection of your personal style and taste. Bland, beige and colourless bedrooms are officially vetoed! 

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