In Celebration of the Utility Room

by Lucy Bryant, Friday 03 June 2016

The utility room is back in fashion. Whilst the laundry may not be everyone’s favourite thing to do, we can all agree that it’s something that we don’t want hanging across the lounge or kitchen. Behold the utility room! Not only is a utility room a great place to keep laundry, appliances and cleaning products, this space can add real value to your home. 

YOUhome agent Nick Sajid notes that:

“In my experience potential Buyers are always impressed with a dedicated Utility Room or Area. A practical space that leaves washing and drying and real life chores tucked away whilst the rest of the kitchen can be a showpiece and often a focal point for the home”

Your laundry/utility room needn’t be huge; we recommend having enough space to include a washing machine, tumble dryer, sink and storage so as to get the most out of the room. Adding a utility room to your property will allow you to separate work and play at home as well as hiding away laundry from guests.  


The functionality of this space is of primary importance yet, by taking the time to decorate this space well you might find yourself being more willing to do the washing! 

A fun way to add character to this space is with a vintage-style laundry sign. Whilst a sign may not be practical it can offer inspiration and (not so subtly) hint towards the areas functionality. We particularly like this simple, clean sign from online retailers To view the product simply click on the link below: 


A great way to maximise space in your utility room is through a Victorian-style ceiling clothes pulley. Not only are they a fantastic way to make the most of the space available but they also allow you to dry clothes without the use of the tumble dryer even on a rainy day! 

One thing that a utility room must be is organised. By ensuring that you have a system in place you will make life and those dreaded chores so much easier. By having plenty of shelves, hooks and hangers in your utility room you will be able to keep everything looking (and actually being) ship-shape! Adding plenty of hooks to shelves will help to keep things organised in a fun and personalised way. We particularly love Anthropologie’s range of doorknobs and hooks! To view their full range click on the link below: 


Another great way to keep organised is with a clean/dirty laundry basket system. This helps to keep everything separate and is particularly useful in a busy household. John Lewis offer a fantastic range of laundry baskets which means that you don’t have to have a dirty sock in sight! For their full range of laundry baskets, as well as these gorgeous wicker baskets, use the link below: 


A great way to store pegs ready for sunny days is in a peg bag. We love Cath Kidston’s range of colourful and funky floral designs that will add a splash of colour to your utility space. To view online please use the link below: 


A utility room is a space that will not only make your home more functional but will also appeal to prospective buyers, adding much needed value to your property in today’s more competitive property market. 


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