What is #NottingHillHour?

Notting Hill Hour is a dedicated conversation thread on Twitter for those in the Notting Hill area. The conversation will take place every Monday from 8-9pm. Anyone who would like to tweet about Notting Hill-associated matters can join in using the hashtag #NottingHillHour.

Why #NottingHillHour?

Notting Hill is one of the finest communities in London with its array of art, culture, and independent businesses to name but a few attractive factors. Notting Hill Hour will enable local businesses, clubs, charities and local people to talk about what is going on in Notting Hill during a specific timeframe when attention and engagement will be high: Monday 8pm-9pm.

What can you tweet about during Notting Hill hour?

This conversation thread has been created to aid Notting Hill locals get their voices heard in the community talking about anything Notting Hill related.

Examples include but are not limited to:

Importance of engagement. It is important to help facilitate fellow #NottingHillHour participants by replying, commenting, retweeting tweets.

How can you get involved?

Log onto Twitter every Monday from 8-9pm and tweet something Notting Hill related. Use the hashtag #NottingHillHour when tweeting and as mentioned get really involved by replying, commenting and retweeting #NottingHillHour tweets.

How is @YOUhome_NHG involved?

We are a local independent business who care about our community. We simply want to facilitate those in Notting Hill to get their voices heard.

#NottingHillHour every Monday from 8-9pm.

If you have any questions about #NottingHillHour please do not hesitate to send us a tweet @YOUhome_NHG.

"We are part of an important cultural and business network on Notting Hill and have created this Twitter thread to act as a facilitator for those in the Notting Hill area to make sure their voices are heard."

- Jerry Epton,
Property Expert and Head of Office