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Under 100 days to the general election on May 7th - the starting gun has fired - and nothing has happened...

by Adrian Black Adrian Black, author of this post , Thursday 29 January 2015


The election will be upon us much sooner than we know. It’s really interesting that the 100 day countdown arrived this week - and there was virtually no interest.  I expect because there are no real stand-out polices that attract attention.

In reality, the debate will focus heavily on the economy; the UK has a massive and growing deficit in absolute terms.  Already this year we have had one financial shock with the Swiss exiting the Euro exchange rate cap and we have another looming as the new Greek Government warms up to renegotiate the country’s bail-out terms. 

It’s a very risky environment for politicians to set policies and the financial landscape has changed significantly already this year - and certainly will change much more. 

All the uncertainty strengthens the attractiveness of the UK and London - if only we knew what was going to happen with mansion tax and other potential property taxes.