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A new way to learn about your home’s true value

by Adrian Black Adrian Black, author of this post , Wednesday 12 June 2019

Spring is the perfect time for change with the weather getting better and the days getting longer - no better time to start exploring new opportunities.

Whether it is accepting places at new schools, arranging your plans for the summer holidays or preparing for a change like selling your home, each comes with their own challenges, but the outcomes can be immensely rewarding.

One of the challenges consistently felt by homeowners is deciding what you believe your home is worth, especially when this requires taking an unbiased look at your property and trying to imagine its value without all of your memories!

There is a lot of information out there about the property market, and it can be hard to decipher what is especially relevant to your home – after all, there are micro markets from street to street with different values of homes depending on volume of street traffic, the condition of surrounding homes and buildings, and the views from your particular location.   

Feel well informed about the property conditions surrounding your home

We are an estate agent called YOUhome that specialises in the Wandsworth area. We believe you should have the opportunity to feel well informed about the property market conditions surrounding what is likely your most valuable asset. This is why we’ve opened up our online platform, PlatformYOU to all homeowners in Wandsworth at no charge.

PlatformYOU provides you with hyperlocal property information relevant to your home, including the ability to track comparable properties on the market, price changes, sold prices, and length of time on the market, all presented in relation to parameters you set.

“There is no catch – you don’t need to be working with YOUhome to sign up for our platform and stay informed on the latest price changes to the house down the street, for example. We simply want home sellers to feel informed about their home and its value,” says YOUhome Property Expert Hugo Headlam, who has lived in the Wandsworth area for almost 30 years. 

A winning combination of personal expertise and factual market information

If you do choose to contact YOUhome about your home sale, a dedicated Property Expert will be assigned to you, who is with you from start to sale. We believe the combination of deep expertise and personal attention from your Property Expert paired with real-time property market information is a winning combination.

“We have seen again and again that when our home sellers engage with our Platform, their sale happens faster and for a price they see as successful. Our Property Experts make their recommendations and then paired with market analysis from our Platform, it’s clear to everyone what the right approach is,” says Laurence Lai, Sales Director for YOUhome.

Appointing YOUhome as your estate agent will give you exclusive benefits through the use of PlatformYOU, such as marketing updates provided in real time, including views of your listing on all property portals, viewings scheduled, viewing feedback and offer and sales progress tracking, plus additional hyperlocal market data.

Easily learn about your home’s value

But true to our word of no catch, we invite you to visit and explore your neighbourhood and the value of its homes, helping you understand the value of yours, regardless of if you choose to work with us or not. You can also contact Hugo Headlam directly, our Property Expert with SW11/SW18 to answer any questions –

Adrian Black is the founder and managing director of YOUhome.