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Why it still is Love Actually for London mews houses in 2024

by Laurence Lai Laurence Lai, author of this post , Wednesday 29 November 2023

It’s “Love Actually” film season once again, yes, the film that immortalised the adoration of the London mews house and the line, “to me you are perfect.” 
So, just what is it about the London mews house that draws such a dedicated and adoring audience?  It is somewhat true to say that the London mews resonates with pleasant stereotypical associations: small, charming, artistic, quirky, historic and accessible. It is definitely true to say that a mews house makes an enviable home encapsulating manageable small-scale living.  
Where are most mews houses in London? 
Kensington and Notting Hill are two hot spots for house hunters searching for a mew house. Noting two mews houses currently on the market with YOUhome in Kensington and Marylebone, we explore the data insights and local knowledge that drive mews house sales in prime central London.

Mews house for sale in Adam & Eve Mews, Kensington, listed price £2,950,000
Across these areas, individual mews very much embody their own signature and personality. Sometimes the mews is defined by aesthetic - Kynance Mews, SW7 is the Instagrammers mews of choice when the Virginia Creeper turns red in Autumn and the white Wisteria blossoms in Spring. Sometimes the mews is defined by myth. Neighbours of Stanhope Mews, SW7 still recall and recount the time Matthew Vaughn and Claudia Schiffer visited to film scenes for the Kingsman movies. St. Luke’s Mews, W11 will forever be known as the “Love Actually” film location, today commanding an average house price of £3 million in 2023.
Stanhope Mews, SW7

Other mews have adopted an artistic personality: South Kensington residents enjoy the huge winter ski scene street art in Kendrick Mews, SW7. Possibly no coincidence since this address is located opposite the now closed Christie’s, South Kensington saleroom.
Lined with potted plants and small trees, these streets are charming and homely.
One of London’s favourite bloggers @ALadyinLondon has posted extensively on the subject and aesthetics of London mews houses.
Why buy a mews house?
The cobbled streets of the mews were built to accommodate horses, carriages and wildlife in the late 1800s. Coach-houses were home to the staff of grand London families. The mews was designed as a service road to the grand houses that lined the main roads of West London neighbourhoods. Today, they are uniquely popular. The mews house is appealing because it is normally located off a main road in a desirable area, with the discreet advantage of security and privacy.
Are mews houses a good investment?
Availability of mews houses is sporadic, and sales can be competitive. There are currently approx. 40 mews houses for sale across London W8 & W11 postcodes* in 2023. Price per sq. ft. values range from highest £2,595 (sale includes main house and mews) to lowest £1,112 (a lower ground floor studio flat only). Some mews houses are converted into separate flats. (*source: Lonres)
“Looking at historic sales of all house types in Kensington in 2023 and price per sq. ft. values achieved, a mews house is attractive when compared to other larger house types such as detached and terraced houses,” notes Laurence Lai, “Buyers who have resale values in mind may be drawn to a mews house investment, however lifestyle and ease of home management are also important factors to weigh up.”   
Historic house price sales per sq. ft. in Kensington

Historic sales in Kensington & house price values achieved.

Small London based businesses and financial offices do reside in mews houses too. Businesses often co-exist alongside residential mews homes, however, they are discreet and almost invisible. For example, London fashion darling Anoushka Hempel’s creative empire office is located in Adam and Eve Mews, SW7. 

In addition, the legacy of the evolution of the coach house to ‘mews garage’ can still be seen today, for example, the Morgan classic car garage is located in Astwood Mews, SW7. Avis Cars is tucked away in Petersham Mews, SW7. 

Grand living and architectural elegance in London mews.

Some of Kensington’s mews houses have formal gateways with magnificent stone archways to appreciate. Queens Gate Mews SW7 has an impressive triple archway with stuccoed stonework and two Ionic order columns supporting a crested pediment.

Queens Gate Place Mews architecture, British History

Redevelopment of a mews house can be possible across its existing footprint, with the correct planning consent. Expert London architects have achieved beautiful reconfigurations of mews houses. Creating an open plan living and kitchen area is a popular option. 
The mews house currently for sale with YOUhome, in Berkeley Mews, W1 has a magnificent front window feature. This home also offers a beautiful contemporary interior too.
Mews house for sale in Berkeley Mews, London W1

Expert advice on buying and selling London mews houses.
There is a wide appreciation of the historic mews in London, a "to me you are perfect" feeling.  The combination of architectural heritage, visual aesthetic and easy living options ensure mews houses remain a covetable purchase today. With dynamic, real time data insights, YOUhome is well placed to give expert advice on the sale and purchase of mews houses in West London. Contact us now if you are thinking of selling or buying a mews, we can guide you with expert advice.