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5 Tips To Prepare Your House For Selling In London

by Caroline Nicholas Caroline Nicholas, author of this post , Friday 26 January 2024

What are the most important details to address if you are selling your home? Follow YOUhome’s top 5 tips to make your house more saleable this season.
5 tips to prepare your home for selling 2024

Spring is almost here, the perfect time for London homeowners thinking of selling. Recognised as one of the most important seasons for home sales, homeowners frequently ask our experts, should I prepare my house for sale, prior to marketing, to ensure it is perfectly presented for buyers to view.

o   Add kerb appeal
Homes buyers will receive their first impressions of a home from the exterior on arrival so it is vital to improve your curb appeal! The pathway to your home, the front porch, and the front door matter enormously. You can enhance these features by having a harmonious paint colour for the door. Polish metal door features. Tidy the pathways and introduce feature green foliage at the porch entrance. Any garden areas can be tidied, seasonal plants added, and unsightly features like refuse containers tucked away. Addressing these details will ensure your home exterior is looking it’s best for a viewing.
create curb appeal
o   Light up your home 
It’s the small details that really matter in home presentation, so start with addressing the light in your home. Walk through each room and check that the light bulbs are working. Replace old bulbs so that all your lights will shine brightly when your property expert switches them on during home viewings.
Check for other small DIY details too like any dripping taps, broken hinges, chipped paint and make sure you employ a contractor to address these prior to your property’s launch and marketing.
o   Find the glory of glistening glass 
Yes, glistening glass makes a difference to the presentation of your home, inside and out. Make sure clean windows are your priority. Shining glass welcomes in more light, and whatever the configuration of your home, buyers will also want to look at the views through your windows too. Viewings on a bright, light day will make a difference. Open your curtains and blinds too. And if you live near to London transport, you may need to repeat your cleaning cycle more frequently during your sales window. And whilst on the topic of cleaning, a home deep clean is a great tip too. 
o   Embrace neutral interior décor 
A home communicates a lifestyle to future buyers. As everyone’s lifestyle is personal and individual, the broadest way to present your home, is to use a neutral décor palette. A blank canvas so to speak, something that future buyers can project their own taste onto. 
If you feel your main reception and entertaining rooms would benefit from fresh décor, select neutral colours for your decorator to employ.
Neutral Decor Palette

Once your décor is addressed, don’t forget lifestyle accent details like room scents and fresh flowers in reception rooms when viewings are booked. 
o   A room de-clutter transforms
Perhaps the most frequently mentioned tip we share with our clients is to room de-clutter. This is a must when preparing your home for sale. Remove as many personal items as possible and store them away out of sight. Too much furniture in a room also makes it look smaller. Do some pieces need to be stored away? De-cluttering allows each room to be revealed at its best, showing as much space and light as possible.  
If however, you are selling a home that is unfurnished, consider the power of home staging. We can also offer our clients a “virtual home-staging service” that does not involve physical furniture installations. CGI is used to create fully furnished rooms in imagery.  

We have a proven book of specialist partners who can help with interiors, staging, décor and de-cluttering. Ask our YOUhome property experts for details of partners in your London area.
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