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Help to Supply

by Adrian Black Adrian Black, author of this post , Thursday 22 May 2014


Great to see City AM supporting Help to Supply this morning - really good article by Graeme Leach...key points:  from 1950's land supply dramatically slowed....agricultural land in south east sells for less than £10k an acre - with planning £1m an acre - 100 fold increase (this is a crazy gain and shows how difficult the system is).  Graeme also comments on work by Paul Cheshire at the LSE concluding that only very modest development on greenbelt is needed to provide enough land for housing for generations to come.  Let's get more focus on Help to Supply - let's build the right homes for all those people who need and can afford them - after all homes can be built for £80 to £100 a square foot.  Surely a big political winner for the party that grasps this nettle.