Why I am the best person to sell your home

My goal is to deliver an excellent bespoke service to make the process of selling your property a comfortable, stress free and pleasant experience. Acting as your personal agent I can offer you my dedication, the latest and most comprehensive data of the local market combined with my first-hand knowledge of the area.

To further enhance the process, I would strongly recommend that you give our unique “My Property Market” a try. Our platform enables you to access the latest data within your chosen local property market area. You will be able to follow your full marketing property process 24/7 via the platform. Many of our busy clients find it an invaluable tool. It can be accessed from your phone, tablet or PC from any location.

Being a resident of Bayswater for 15 years I have gained great knowledge of the best aspects of the area. With this knowledge I can market and represent your property to the fullest.

My commitment to achieve the best results possible along with our advanced and unique My Property Market will assist you in the successful and satisfying sale of your property. I am proud to be a part of one of the most experienced residential sales teams in London and I am able to draw on my colleagues vast amount of knowledge and help to achieve the best outcome for you.

I will be your single point of contact and you can hold me personally accountable for selling your home

Recently sold properties

See the videos below for my insight on some properties recently sold in the area.