Bathroom Accessories

by Lucy Bryant, Wednesday 28 October 2015

After a long day the bathroom is often our spot of choice to relax, unwind and enjoy our home. Bathroom accessories can add comfort and personality to your space and help to create a stylish look that suits any decorating scheme. Adding little details is an easy way to keep your home on-trend as they are simple to update and can allow you to buy on a whim every once in a while! Simple finishing touches are also a great way to test colours, textures, materials and shapes. We believe that your bathroom should be more than simply functional; it should exude your tastes and serve as your personal sanctuary! 

Accessories such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders and hooks can impact the feel of your bathroom space. For instance, using vibrant patterns can help bring warmth to a neutral bathroom suite whilst subtle hints of copper, stone and chrome will inject sophistication into the space. As can be seen below these re-vamped glass jars are perfect for storing bathroom extras and the subtle pop of colour adds personality to the space. 


Similarly, this stone-style soap dish reinforces the natural tone of the space in modern and stylish way. The dark stone invites soft greys and cream tilling to create a very organic and peaceful space whilst also remaining functional. 


A very simple way to inject personality into your bathroom is through the bath linin that you use. From fun floral patterns to geometric prints, towels are a fantastic way for you to keep your bathroom on-trend.  The Cath Kidston towels below add a pop of colour to a neutral space and can be placed in a fun mix-and-match way to keep your bathroom style diverse. To see the full range of Cath Kidston bath linins click on the link below: 


Alternatively, using soft coloured linin creates a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. By using greys, creams, browns and deep purples you evoke a fuss-free and calming atmosphere, perfect for a bathroom with neutral shades. The towels below are from Habitat and range in both colour and size. For more information click on the link below: 


Another fantastic way to accessorise your bathroom is through a bath mat. These needn’t be your typical fabric block coloured mat but rather an opportunity to compliment your chosen bathroom tones. The simple wooden bath mat shown below offers the space a wonderfully stripped back and natural feel, complementing the neutral decoration of the space but also injecting some character. 


Alternatively, this woven zig-zag bathroom matt from West Elm adds a stylish sophistication to the space tying in the other accessories used in the room.  To see more of their designs click on the link below: 


Storage solutions can also be a great way to personalise your bathroom. From wicker baskets to hooks and holders, storage is a fantastic way to add personal touches to a space. As can be seen below, storage can be both practical and decorative, by carefully arranging bathroom necessities you can create clean and organised feature. Another way to achieve this ‘organised style’ is though hanging storage (see below) this hook and basket piece creates a rustic tone whilst keeping your bathroom clutter free. However, before investing in a new bathroom accessory it is important to check whether the material is suitable for humid temperatures and how easy it is to clean.  


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