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Wow, what a day for politics - what will be the impact on property?

by Adrian Black, Tuesday 27 May 2014

In a nutshell - BIG uncertainty !

It is over 100 years since a national election has been won by a party other than the Conservatives and Labour.

This election proved to me that people doubt that

> Labour can manage the economy

> The Conservatives can read the mood of the country (although Cameron has held a European reform position for a while so has read the mood of folks better than most)

> The Liberal Democrats can keep promises  

and UKIP doesn't have bench strength.

The UK is still running a very large current account deficit - about £20bn over the quarter.

Its going to be a bumpy ride up to the election in May 2015.  That said Cameron could emerge as a strong leader and Britain may be seen as an increasingly attractive place to invest.



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